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Simple modification of GINPUT with custum cursor pointer
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MYGINPUT Graphical input from mouse with custum cursor pointer.

[X,Y] = MYGINPUT(N) gets N points from the current axes and returns the X- and Y-coordinates in length N vectors X and Y.

[X,Y] = MYGINPUT(N, POINTER) also specifies the cursor pointer, e.g. 'crosshair', 'arrow', 'circle' etc. See "Specifying the Figure Pointer" in Matlab's documentation to see the list of available pointers.

MYGINPUT is strictly equivalent to Matlab's original GINPUT, except that a second argument specifies the cursor pointer instead of the default 'fullcrosshair' pointer.

hold on
[x,y] = myginput(1,'crosshair');
hold off

MYGINPUT is copied from Matlab's GINPUT rev.

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Frederic Moisy (2024). MYGINPUT (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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