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A suite of drivers to compute the PageRank vector for a directed graph.

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The Pagerank package provides a single driver call capable of running different pagerank algorithm.

1) PageRank with power iterations
2) PageRank with gauss-seidel iterations
3) PageRank as a linear system (bicgstab and gmres solvers)
4) PageRank with the arnoldi factorization
5) Approximate personalized PageRank

The included matlab file describes all the options and parameters.

For non-linux/win32 platforms, you must compile the included .c files
mex ?setup
mex pagerank_mult.c
mex pagerank_gs_mult.c
mex spmatvec_mult.c
mex spmatvec_transmult.c

The mex files provide optimized matrix-vector multiplication routines for the PageRank code and improve the performance by 10-15%.

There is a special driver included to run a set of algorithms on the same web-graph and report comparative results.


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David Gleich (2023). pagerank (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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