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This is a set of lessons to construct a simple UAV Quadcopter model and controller

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Welcome to the MATLAB lesson on the UAV Airframe Model. This lesson is prepared by California State University and MathWorks and is designed to help students understand and construct a simple UAV airframe model. The MATLAB LiveScript lesson is the first of a four part series about UAV models:

Airframe Model - You will be introduced to how to model the physics of flight

Quadcopter Model - You will learn how to model the features of a quadcopter which distinguish it from other aircraft

Quadcopter Control - You will be introduced to closed-loop control and how it can be implemented on a quadcopter

PID Tuning - You will learn to use some of the tools to help you achieve the control performance you need

Each of these lessons will contain a set of MATLAB LiveScript modules followed by a video lesson developing the corresponding part of a Simulink model. In the end, you will be able to assemble a Simulink model of a UAV of your own and will have an appreciation of the underlying physics and numerical calculations that compose the model.


There are accompanying videos for each of the LiveScript lessons.

Air Frame https://youtu.be/uQXS3aeMUhY

Quadcopter https://youtu.be/cViiIFEXujc

Quadcopter Controller https://youtu.be/wEY21nvUhHA

Quadcopter Controller Tuning https://youtu.be/c5p6yPz7-l4

There are Simulink files accompanying each of the videos.

Suggested Preparation

The modules are self-contained, but it will be helpful to have some experience with MATLAB and Simulink. You can get that experience from:

MATLAB Onramp – a free two-hour introductory tutorial that teaches the essentials of MATLAB.

Simulink Onramp – a free three-hour introductory tutorial that teaches the essentials of Simulink.

Products Used

MATLAB, Simulink, Aerospace Blockset

인용 양식

Michael Thorburn (2022). Quadcopter_Lessons (https://github.com/mathorburn/Quadcopter_Lessons/releases/tag/v0.1.2), GitHub. 검색됨 .

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