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A collection of personal MATLAB utility functions written over the years with many useful enhancements for plotting, data analysis and more.
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A collection of personal matlab utility functions written over the years (2001-present).

The functions that I find myself using most often and unable to live without are jisubplot/nextplot, gridx/gridy/patchx, jisuptitle, jicolorbar, nudgeAxis, insetAxis, hideAxisLabels, timestamp, the colormaps, orthoMontage, parameter, structure and string utilities, hilbert analysis, jnearest. May you find something useful here.


I suggest you clone ji_utils from github and then add ji_utils to your path. If you download from the matlab file exchange, rename the download from github_repo to ji_utils...

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JRI 7/22


blockclose              - blockclose  prevent a figure from being closed by the 'close' command
combineFigs             - combineFigs  Combine a set of figure windows into a single figure
expmulti                - expmulti  Export all plots prepared with jisubplot/nextplot.
ff                      - flipfig (ff)   flip through a set of figures
numScreens              - numScreens  return the number of displays attached to this computer
orthoMontage            - orthoMontage  make an orthogonal montage of a 3-d figure

jisubplot suite (see file exchange; predates tiledlayout by 15 years and offers a few additional benefits including figure sizing, tiling by row or column, skipping and printing axis labels only at endges of figure...

currentplotis           - currentplotis  Test if current plot pane is at a special location (e.g. row end, etc)
jisubplot               - Set up a figure for multi-pane plotting. Used with NEXTPLOT.
nextplot                - Advance to next plotting pane in figure set up with JISUBPLOT.

see also: freezecolors to allow multiple colormaps on a figure or axis (https://github.com/jiversen/freezeColors)


baroutline              - baroutline  Draw outline of a bar plot (useful for histograms) 
histoutline             - histoutline  Draw histogram outline
jierrorbar              - Error bar plot. Fixed ERRORBAR to enable proper legends (JRI 12/01)
jihist                  - jihist    more powerful histogram analysis/plotting
plotDashedError         - plotDashedError  Plot curve with error range dashed above and below
plotDisjoint            - plotDisjoint  Plot disjoint segments of a curve
plotMeanMarker          - plotMeanMarker  show triangular marker marking the mean
plotShadedError         - plotShadedError  Plot curve with error range shaded underneath
sidehist                - histoutline  Draw histogram in outline form vertically
xyerrorbar              - xyerrorbar plot points with x and y errorbars


cbal                    - cbal balance clim of plot (center on 0)
gridx                   - gridx  Plot vertical x grid lines
gridy                   - gridy  Plot horizontal y grid lines
hideAxisLabels          - Hide axis text labels (but not ticks)
insetAxes               - insetAxes  Flexible creation of inset plots. Can add an inset version of one axis onto another.
jicolorbar              - Same as COLORBAR, but does not resize current axis. (JRI)
jisuptitle              - Puts a title above all subplots. Does not resize axes (unlike suptitle).
jititle                 - jititle  JRI's version of TITLE with control of font size and location
jititlesub              - Add a title and subtitle to current axis
jixlabel                - jixlabel  JRI's version of XLABEL with control of fontsize.
jiylabel                - jiylabel  JRI's version of YLABEL with control of fontsize.
lllabel                 - Put a text label in lower left corner of a plot
nudgeAxis               - nudgeAxis Shift axis position
patchx                  - patchx   plot shaded patches on plot
plotgrid                - plotGrid  Flexible plotting of grid lines
timestamp               - Timestamp the current figure.
ullabel                 - Put a text label in upper left corner of a plot
xbal                    - xbal balance xlim of plot
xticklabel              - xticklabel    replacement for setting xticklabels directly, allowing tex strings
xyline                  - xyline draw line x=y on current figure
ybal                    - ybal balance ylim of plot
ylimall                 - ylimall make ylim of all axes in a figure the same


greenred                - Colormap: red thru black thru green, for distinguishing pos & minus
hotcold                 - Colormap: hot thru black thru cool blues, nice for distinguishing pos & minus
hotwhitecold            - HOTCOLD  Colormap: hot thru black thru cool blues, nice for distinguishing pos & minus
pastelmap               - Modified Brewer pastel 1 colormap for GUI cell backgrounds
redblue                 - Colormap: blue thru black thru red, for distinguishing pos & minus
redgreen                - REDGREEN  Colormap: green thru black thru red, for distinguishing pos & minus
redwhiteblue            - Colormap: blue thru white thru red, for distinguishing pos & minus
redwhitegreen           - REDWHITEGREEN  Colormap: green thru white thru red, for distinguishing pos & minus
revmap                  - revmap    reverse colormap


dd                      - dd  measure distances on plot
pickHarmonics           - pickHarmonics pick a frequency and display harmonics


calc_fft                - calc_fft  Calculate fft & power spectrum (convenience function)
clamp                   - clamp clamp to limits
findwin                 - findwin  special case of find for getting index of a time vector within a window
hilanal                 - hilanal   hilbert transform analysis
hilrelphase             - hilrelphase   hilbert relative phase between two signals
instfreq                - instfreq  simple instantaneous frequency (rate between peaks or zero crossings)
jifindpeaks             - findpeaks  Find time of peaks of a signal
jnearest                - jnearest   FAST find index into a collection of element nearest to a point using binary search
plot_fft                - plot_fft  plot powerspectrum of relevance to frequency tagging
plotComparison          - plotComparison(newData,oldData,t, Options...)
ppsd                    - ppsd  plot psd
relphase                - relphase  find relative phase between two time signals
zerocrossing            - zerocrossing  Find zerocrossings of a time signal


callername              - callername  get name of calling mfile
getparam                - getparam  Get values for a parameter in a parameter list
isparam                 - isparam  Check parameter list to see if given parameter was specified
isTextOnlyMatlabSession - isTextOnlyMatlabSession  test if this matlab instance can plot or is text only


copyfields              - copyfields copy a set of fields from one structure to another
flattenStruct           - flattenStruct flatten structs within struct
packstruct              - packstruct packs a set of variables into a structure
renamefield             - renamefield rename field within a struct
structarrayfun          - structarrayfun apply a function to each field of structure array across elements of struct array
unpackstruct            - unpackstruct unpacks a struct, placing new vars with same name as fields in caller's space
whoss                   - whoss show memory usage within a struct


protect_underscore      - protect_underscore  Allow underscores to display correctly w/ latex processor
strmatch_mixed          - strmatch_mixed  Like strmatch, but fixes a shortcoming:


backupfile              - backupfile    Make a timestamped backup of any file (in same dir)
fvars                   - fvars  return variables contained in a .mat file
fwhos                   - fwhos   does whos on a file
getdirs                 - getdirs  return only directories within a path, same format as dir
fullfile_mkdir          - Build full filename from parts. Ensure all subdirs exist. Mkdir if not.
newestFile              - newestFile find newest file matching a template
timestamp               - Generate timestamp string for filename.
whichdiff               - whichdiff  utility to find diff between different versions of same .m file


jireadtable             - jireadtable read a simple table from a text file
jiwritetable            - jiwritetable  write tabular data to file


linefit                 - linefit draw best fit line and show stats
sigStr                  - sigStr    generate asterisks & 'p<n' denoting levels of significance
simplestat              - simplestat display a variety of summary statistics and tests


ageAt                   - ageAt calculate age in years at a target date given the birthdate
jwhos                   - jwhos    Replacement for builtin whos--prints size of >3d arrays directly
niceround               - niceround Round a number 'up' to the nearest 'nice' one: M x 1eN, M,N int
setCommandWindowTitle   - setCommandWindowTitle  customize command window title with hostname and optional string
show_progress           - show_progress  Display progress
userhome                - userhome  user's home directory
username                - username  return current username

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