District heating system circuit simulator

버전 1.0.0 (4.98 MB) 작성자: Federico Giai Pron
Tool usable for simulating the pressure and temperature behavior within a district heating system.
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업데이트 날짜: 2022/6/27
Vistit the engimix.com platform to run online or download my engineering packages, including:
  • Mathematical optimizer (e.g. multi-method and multi-objective optimizer based on the PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) algorithm, GA (Gentic Algorithm) and GD (Gradient Descent) method);
  • Electrical models (e.g. PMSM (Permanent Manget Synchronous Motor) control and modelling);
  • Thermal models (e.g. heat pumpts, etc.);
  • Etc.
You will find user-guides, documentation, demos and source code for each package.
Tool description
Here a tool usable for simulating district heating systems. Giving as input some pipes network properties like nodes position, network topology, diameters, etc. it will provide the trend of the pressure and temperature along the circuit, the mass / heat flow rates, etc.
Main features:
  • Non-linear solver based on Newton-raphson algorithm
  • Solution of the Colebrook-White equation
  • etc.
Main files:
  • Documentation / v01_UserGuide.pdf , for understanding how to run the tool
  • Documentation / v01_SolverDescription.pdf , for understanding how the solver works
  • Solver , to get tool scripts / functions
  • Validation , to get some examples on which the tool has been tested
Contacts: fedegp3105@gmail.com

인용 양식

Federico Giai Pron (2024). District heating system circuit simulator (https://github.com/FGP310592/DistrictHeatingSystemCircuitSimulatorDemo/releases/tag/1.0.0), GitHub. 검색됨 .

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