Problem 43574. Connect 4 (the boardgame)

You are playing the popular game "Connect 4" ( against Matlab. Luckily, Matlab isn't trying to hard and just places its chips randomly.

Write a function which plays the game for you. As starting point you are given the same function which you opponent is using (random placement). But you'll have to do better, because you will have to crush Matlab by winning 10 games in a row in order to pass this test!

Each time your function as called it is your turn to make a move. The input of the function is a 5x7 matrix, representing the game board, containing either "1" (a chip of your opponent), "2" (one of your chips) or "0" (an empty space). Calculate your best move and output the column index of your next chip (make sure this column isn't full yet or your turn is lost).

Good luck!

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