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Table in Guide, Start number

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dmfwlansejr 2021년 7월 30일
편집: Dave B 2021년 7월 30일
Following is starting number '1',2,3,4,5,6
This is auto make it
I want to start at '0',1,2,3,4,5
How to make it in the guide? (I'm not familiar with "App Designer")

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Dave B
Dave B 2021년 7월 30일
편집: Dave B 2021년 7월 30일
The property you are looking for is "RowName"
If you want to change it programatically, and hTable is your table, you could do
hTable.RowName = 0:9;
In GUIDE, to do it interactively:
  • Double Click on the table to bring up the Inspector
  • Scroll down to RowName
  • Click on "numbered" and choose "Show names entered below as the row headers"
  • Then you can type in 0, 1, 2, ...
And try App Designer, it's not too difficult and well worth it to learn!

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