is it possible to create partitions in a simulink model with command line

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Laurent Dalbies
Laurent Dalbies 2021년 7월 16일
답변: Harsh Tamakuwala 2021년 7월 21일
I want to create partitions in a model programmaticaly as I would do interactively with the schedule editor. Is it possible ?
I've found the simulink.schedule.OrderedSchedule class but it seems it's only possible to update the order of existing partitions. I'd like to create a schedule from scratch.

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Harsh Tamakuwala
Harsh Tamakuwala 2021년 7월 21일
A partition needs information about which block/s the partition will consist of. Assuming you have a model block or a subsystem (say "Subsystem1") you want to create a partition from, you can follow these steps:
model = "myModel";
subsystem = "Subsystem1"
set_param([model '/' subsystem],'TreatAsAtomicUnit','on');
% Set the Partition Schedule as (Periodic/Aperiodic) and add a name to the
% partition. If a partition is set as Periodic, it requires the sample
% times value as well
set_param([model '/' subsystem],'ScheduleAs','Periodic','PartitionName','P1','SystemSampleTime', '1');
Once, the partition is created, you can use schedule APIs to order them
For more information on which parameters were changed here in set_param to create partition, you can refer the documentation here.


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