Multipying each element of a matrix with average of elements in other matrix

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I have a 3x3 matrix(A) with all diagonal elements 0, and 3x1 matrix(B). I want to multiply each element of the 3x3 matrix using elements from the 3x1 matrix in the following way: element A(1,2) will be multipled by the average of elements at position 1 and 2 in B.
Similarly each element in A will be multiplied by average of corresponding elements in B.
Is there a way to do this.

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Simon Chan
Simon Chan 2021년 7월 14일
Try this:
w = (B(X)+B(Y))/2;
C = A.*w

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2021년 7월 14일
Did you try the obvious and simple for loop?
% Create sample data.
A = rand(3);
A(logical(eye(3))) = 0
B = rand(3, 1)
% Now we have our data and can begin...
for col = 1 : 3
for row = 1 : 3
factor = mean([B(row), B(col)]);
A(row, col) = factor * A(row, col);
A % Show in command window.
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Hari 2021년 7월 14일
This works. But wouldn't this be slow if the matrix is very large?

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