Convert 'str' to 'number'

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armin m
armin m 2021년 7월 6일
댓글: armin m 2021년 7월 6일
Hi. I have 'str' like 'P12teta4'i want write a code which take first alphabet (here P), first and second number (here 1 and 2) second word (here teta) and third number (here 4). For example: code we have: ...... .. ..... Result: a=P, b=1, c=2, d=teta, E=4. Tnx

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Jan 2021년 7월 6일
편집: Jan 2021년 7월 6일
str = 'P12teta4';
a = str(1);
b = sscanf(str(2), '%d');
c = sscanf(str(3), '%d');
ind = find(isstrprop(str(4:end), 'digit'), 1);
d = str(4:2+ind);
e = sscanf(str(3+ind : end), '%d');
% This crops the trailing number:
List = textscan(str, '%c%1d%1d%[^0123456789]s%d')
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armin m
armin m 2021년 7월 6일
If P be a matrix P=[5 78 9] so a(3) should show 9. But it seems a = str(1) > here is just alphabet a=P and after that is not a matrix. I want it then show that matrix.

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