Add labels to dataset column that occur in a particular range.

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avantika . 2013년 9월 4일
I have a dataset of time and pitch as follows :(SMALL EXAMPLE)
time pitch
3.50 360.84
3.51 330.86
3.51 340.84
3.51 370.81
3.51 400.84
3.52 410.85
3.52 440.82
3.52 470.84
3.53 480.85
The dataset is 44058x2 double. I want to add labels to pitch values as follows : if pitch is in range of -50 - 50 then add a corresponding label of SM, if pitch is in range of 50-150 then add a label of RM. The pitch range is in between -1250 to 2450, and the corresponding labels should be SL,rL,RL,gL,GL,ML,ml,PL,dL,DL,nl,NL,SM,rM,RM,gM,GM,MM,mM,PM,dM,DM,nM,NM,SU, rU,RU,gU,GU,MU,mU,PU,dU,DU,nU,NU.
Can anyone please help.
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avantika 2013년 9월 5일
Hi! can anyone please help me out on above mentioned question.

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Arthur 2013년 9월 5일
Something like this might work,assuming that your labels will cover the entire range. Put your labels in a cell array:
labels = {'SL,'rL','RL','gL','GL'}; %etcetera
now use histc to find the correct labels
edges = -1250:100:2450;
[~,bins] = histc(yourdata(:,2),edges);
yourlabels = labels(bin);
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Arthur 2013년 9월 6일
The only thing you need to do is to find the indices of time.
idx = time >= 0 & time < 60;
Since you're going to use multiple axes here, I advice you to use axeshandles. This ensures that your data ends up in the right plot (and is faster).
hFig = figure();
hAxes = axes('Parent',hFig);
title(hAxes,'notations vs time');

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