plot arc that pass through a particular point

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I have attached my (x,y,z) coordinate values
And i plot these values using the below code
load XYZ
for i = 1 : size(XX,2)
plot3(XX(:,i),YY(:,i),ZZ(:,i)); hold on
grid on; hold off;
But if we zoom, we can see that, the arcs does not pass through the zero-coordinate
What can i do, to make all the arcs (or any arc i give) pass through the zero-coordinate?

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Sergey Kasyanov
Sergey Kasyanov 2021년 6월 21일
The simplest way is:
figure; hold on;
for i = 1 : size(XX,2)
[~, n] = max(XX(:,i));
plot3(XX(:,i), YY(:,i) - YY(n,i), ZZ(:,i)- ZZ(n,i));
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Elysi Cochin
Elysi Cochin 2021년 6월 22일
편집: Elysi Cochin 2021년 6월 22일
Thank you Sir, now its working

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