Error in comm.CarrierSynchronizer documentation?

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V R . 2021년 6월 5일
I guess there could be an error in the documentation of comm.CarrierSynchronizer: the quantity theta should be defined as
(Bn * T) / (zeta + 1/(4*zeta))
according to eq. C.57 of the reference [1], where T (which is missing in the formula of the documentation) is the sampling period.
In the code of comm.CarrierSynchronizer it is actually defined like that (lines 452-462):
PhaseRecoveryLoopBandwidth = cast(...
obj.NormalizedLoopBandwidth *obj.SamplesPerSymbol, ...
% K0
PhaseRecoveryGain = cast(obj.SamplesPerSymbol,...
theta = PhaseRecoveryLoopBandwidth/...
((obj.DampingFactor + 0.25/obj.DampingFactor)*...
where obj.NormalizedLoopBandwidth is the loop bandwidth normalized to the input sampling rate, therefore equal to Bn * T, and SamplesPerSynbol cancels out between numerator and denominator.

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