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S-Function Builder Block referencing .dll

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I am trying to use the S-Function Builder block to incorporate a c++ function in my Simulink model. The c++ function references QTCore4.dll and I am having problems accessing this library. I tried to put it in the "Libraries" section and added my H files to the Includes section.
Is it possible to reference .dll libraries from an S-Function builder block?

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind 7 Aug 2013
DLLs are typically only used at run-time, not compile-time (the information you put in the S-function Builder is used to compile the generated S-function). You shouldn't need to specify DLLs in the S-function Builder, but simply make sure that the directory containing the DLL has been added to the System PATH environment variable (note: you will need to restart MATLAB to make sure the new PATH value is picked up. Run "getenv PATH" in MATLAB to see the PATH setting.)

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