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How to create a graph with X:Y coordinates and values and then find the shortest path?

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Vlad Bibikov
Vlad Bibikov 2021년 5월 14일
댓글: Chad Greene 2021년 5월 19일
I have array with X:Y coordinates(400k), and i have another array of values for each pair of X:Y. Then i plotted points on the map with their values(in attach). I need to create graph with these points and find the shortest path from one random point to another point. Are there any ways to solve this problem without using adjacency matrix? Or how can i get this matrix?
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Chad Greene
Chad Greene 2021년 5월 19일
There is some confusion because this looks like gridded data. It is unclear why you would want to find the shortest path between gridded data.
Regardless of whether or not the data are gridded, the text of your question suggests that you are talking about a traveling salesman problem. Google that phrase and you may be able to find the solution you're looking for. I know several solutions exist for it on the File Exchange.

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