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How to apply a window function to a chirp/linear chirp in Simulink?

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Joshua Ford
Joshua Ford 2021년 3월 22일
댓글: Mathieu NOE 2021년 4월 2일
I am trying to apply a window function to a linear chirp. When I look at each signal, there seems to be no difference between the chirp signal and the windowed-chirp signal. Why is this? My aim is to undertake pulse compression then move on to doppler processing. I also want to zero-pad the signal either side but I cannot add the zeros to the end of the signal only overlay and extra signal.
How do you apply the window function and zeroo-pad to a chirp/linear chirp?
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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE 2021년 4월 2일
do you have to do all the work in simulink or can you prepare the windowed signal in matlab, pass it to simulink and go back to matlab for further processing ?

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