Matlab "more" command: "q" doesn't always quit

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FM 2021년 3월 11일
댓글: FM 2022년 10월 21일
According to the help for "more", pressing "q" should stop the pager. It doesn't always work, when paging through:
more on
Tvarns = array2table( randi(100,200,2) , ...
'VariableNames',{'PROJECT' 'VARIANT' })
rowfun( @(x) size(x,1), ...
unique( Tvarns(:,{'PROJECT' 'VARIANT'}) ) , ...
'Grouping','PROJECT' , 'Input','VARIANT' )
% Input can be any column, since we just take size(x,1)
In Matlab 2019a, is there anything that one can do to break the paging?
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Ileana 2022년 10월 21일
I have the same issue and it is really annoying. How do we fix this?
FM 2022년 10월 21일
I just tried this on Matlab 2022a. Same problem. In order to see the problem, you have to invoke the pager by clicking "Display all NNN rows", where NNN is the number of rows in the output.
\If you don't do that, you just see the first and last few rows of the table being displayed. This doesn't exercise the pager and won't reveal the pager problem.

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