Default learning rate and initial weights for trainscg neural network

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Joana 2021년 3월 5일
답변: Vineet Joshi 2021년 3월 24일
I am trying to train a neural network with trainscg function. and i want to know the default parameters for following:
1: Learning rate
2: Initial weights and bais
3: activation function between hidden layers, say 3 hidden laeyrs
4: activation function for the output layer
I could only find the following properties for trainscg:

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Vineet Joshi
Vineet Joshi 2021년 3월 24일
trainscg does not directly use an explicit ‘learning rate’ parameter as in case with train functions like traingdx which employees’ gradient descent with learning rate and momentum. The parameters and the available default set of values can be found at the attached documentation.
Also, weights & biases and activation functions are the property of the network and not of the train function used to train them.
You can refer the following page for reference.
Hope this helps.

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