best way to present data from histcounct

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sani 2021년 2월 16일
답변: Rik 2021년 2월 17일
I used the histcount since I'd like to scale a histogram to X100 and compare it to another data set.
I'd like to present the data as a line plot, but I still get the bins marked (image added, the marked area is the one I'd like to be removed).
is there is a way to remove those lines?
alternativly, is there is another way to rescale the data that is motre recomended?
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Rik 2021년 2월 16일
Can you attach your data and the code to create this figure?
sani 2021년 2월 17일
Yes those are the files, thanks

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Rik 2021년 2월 17일
The cause of your problem is illustrated below:
[A,E] = histcounts(data,BinEdges);
x=E(2:end)-diff(E);%find the middle of each bin
Do you see how there are bins with 0 counts? This results in your graph filling up, while you want a hull.
There are many strategies to deal with this. One of those is to mark the 0 positions with NaN and use tools like fillmissing to estimate the correct values for those bins.
S=load('dataset.mat');temp=S.temp; %always load to a variable when loading a mat file
[A,E] = histcounts(temp,16384);
x=E(2:end)-diff(E);%find the middle of each bin
B=A;B(B==0)=NaN;%mark zeros with NaN


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