Creating a function for median

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Francis Chabot
Francis Chabot 2021년 2월 9일
댓글: dpb 2021년 2월 10일
I have a code that helps me calculate the median by SIC code that I'd like to modify to be able to use it as a function.
SICcode = xlsread('G-Score','Active','C3:C11');
ROA = xlsread('G-Score','Active','D3:D11');
SIC = [SICcode(:), ROA(:)];
tSIC.Industry = fix(tSIC.SIC/100);
tSIC = tSIC(:,[1 end 2]);
rowfun(@(v)median(v,'all'),tSIC,'GroupingVariables','Industry', ...
'InputVariables','Data', ...
So, with this code I am able to compute the median of an industry by the first 2 digit of the SIC code.
The things is I'd like to make a function that will helps me with two things:
  1. Compute the ROA for more than one year, in this case 23 in total.
  2. Create a function that will let me do the same thing for differents statistics (ROE, Total Assets, CFO...), in this case about 20 in total.
I know it doesn't need "a lot" of work to create a function with this code but at this point I can't make it works.
Any helps would be appreciated.
Best regards,
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dpb 2021년 2월 10일
It's the issue I told you about before that there will be different numbers of elements in the groupings if there aren't the same number of elements per group -- and so, since median works by colum, it may also have a different number of results by group.
That's why I told you you needed to use the anonyomous function in order to pass the 'all' parameter so it returns only the overall median of the group each call.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2021년 2월 10일
I think you can do what you want more simply with groupsummary.

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