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max of matrix or min matrix or average matrix

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I have a matrix to say it's R, which is 101 x 101
R (101x101)
I want to find the highest point 'max (R)'
When I want to run code
Re=max (R);
The result is a matrix "1 x 101", but I want one point, the highest point.
Also, I want a minimum a point and Average
And if there is any help with codes and commands ,

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Peter Bonavita
Peter Bonavita 4 Feb 2021
편집: Peter Bonavita 4 Feb 2021
Michael V's answer here also applies to your question:
This syntax finds the max of the entire matrix:
M = max(R, [], 'all');
Similar for minimum:
M = min(R,[],'all')
and mean:
M = mean(R,'all')
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abdullah qasim
abdullah qasim 4 Feb 2021
It does not apply to my matrix Can you apply it to my matrix I will accompany you to my matrix

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