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why can imageInputLayer of 'deep network designer' app not be edited?

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Jack Xiao
Jack Xiao 12 Jan 2021
댓글: Jack Xiao 21 Feb 2021
I want to edit the mean and std in imageInputLayer, but it is settled and can not be eidted, as follow:
so, how to edit it directly by using 'deep network designer'?

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Raynier Suresh
Raynier Suresh 20 Jan 2021
As of now the Mean and StandardDeviation cannot be modified directly in the Deep Network Designer. A work around for this is to define that layer in the MATLAB Terminal and then import it into the Deep Network Designer.
To define the layer with Mean and StandardDeviation you can use the below code.
inputlayer = imageInputLayer([28 28 3],'Name','input','Normalization','zscore','Mean',ones(1,1,3),'StandardDeviation',ones(1,1,3))
Refer the below link for more information on defining the image input layer:

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