How to write lat,lon,data into geotiff with matlab?

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Yoni Verhaegen -WE-1718-
Yoni Verhaegen -WE-1718- 2020년 12월 22일
편집: Yoni Verhaegen -WE-1718- 2021년 1월 11일
I have the following (attachment):
- 2D latitude file (240x446)
- 2D longitude file (240x446)
- 2D surface elevation change data (240x446)
How can I write these into a 2D grid geotiff file? I tried the following, but it only works for lat, lon arrays (1x240 and 1x446)...
R = maprasterref( ...
'RasterSize', size(Z_2017_2018), ...
'XWorldLimits', [double(min(y(:))) double(max(y(:)))], ...
'YWorldLimits', [double(min(x(:))) double(max(x(:)))], ...
'ColumnsStartFrom', 'north', ...
'RowsStartFrom', 'west', ...
'RasterInterpretation', 'postings');
key = struct( ...
'GTModelTypeGeoKey',[], ...
'GTRasterTypeGeoKey',[], ...
key.GTModelTypeGeoKey = 1;
key.GTRasterTypeGeoKey = 2;
key.ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey = 3413; % Greenland Polar Stereographic

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Nitin Kapgate
Nitin Kapgate 2021년 1월 11일
You can refer to a similar question answered here. The provided solution makes use of georasterref and geotiffwrite function to write the lattitude and longitude data to the GeoTiff file.

Yoni Verhaegen -WE-1718-
Yoni Verhaegen -WE-1718- 2021년 1월 11일
편집: Yoni Verhaegen -WE-1718- 2021년 1월 11일
For those searching for the same question: I wasn't able to write the file into a GEOTIFF in Matlab. I resolved the problem this way:
In that case, I have a XYZ file that I could import in GIS software. There, I converted it into a GEOTIFF file.

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