Logging Data onto SD Card using Embedded Coder and LAUNCHXL-F28379D in External Mode

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Hello Matlab Community,
I was able to sucessfully log data into an SD Card, from a Delfino Launchad, using the tutorial
I was able to do that using the 'scope' and the 'to workspace' elements.
Yet I am wondering if SD Card logging can be used while in External Mode. It ocurred to be it could be done similarly as when logging data in external mode (to the PC). This is done by 'Arming' the trigger of the oscilloscope that will receive the signals to be recorded.
As said, I was able to record signals by using an oscilloscope, by just 'building' the simulink program onto the Launchpad. Yet, when I executed the same script in external mode, it did not log, neither at the beginning of the build (as by just building the program onto the launchpad), nor when I triggered the oscilloscope.
Is there anyway to log into the SD Card in external mode, or is there any work-around?
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Mukesh Ghosh
Mukesh Ghosh 2021년 7월 13일
I also trying to write using external mode but I failed. Because the external mode only for writing to EPROM memory which is used as a local memory to microcontroller. SD card is also ROM but microcontroller detect as card as a local memory and he write in a random address without any formating like mat file, .bin, .csv and .txt file format. Thats why we can't access the data which is written in SD card using external mode.
kind regards
Mukesh Ghosh

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