How to measure the shortest distance among different points using Matlab

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M.S. Khan
M.S. Khan 2020년 10월 27일
댓글: Jakob 2021년 3월 10일
Lets suppoese i have the points as shown by B. For example, P1(1,1,2 ), P2(1,2,3 ) etc as shown by B. I want to measure the shortest distance among these points.
x = B(:,1), y =B(:,2) and z = B(:,3).
Thanks in advance for support from community members. Regards!
B =
1 1 3
1 2 3
2 3 1
2 3 2
3 1 1
3 3 1
3 3 2
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KSSV 2020년 10월 28일
That's what pdist does....did you read the documentation?
M.S. Khan
M.S. Khan 2020년 10월 28일
Dear KSSV, i am trying to understand its documentation and then will apply. Thanks for your guidance. Regards!

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Jakob 2020년 10월 28일
B = randi([-10 10],5,3); % just some random numbers
minimum = sqrt(sum((B(1,:)- B(2,:)).^2));
for i = 1 : size(B,1)-1
for j = i+1 : size(B,1)
minimum = min(minimum,sqrt(sum((B(i,:)- B(j,:)).^2)));
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M.S. Khan
M.S. Khan 2020년 10월 29일
Thanks KSSV, pdist() functions works. Thanks for reply Dear Jakob. your code and pdist() function works same.
Jakob 2021년 3월 10일
Hi again, sorry I can't reply in private to your email.
About your question:. "I think pdist2() can only be used for 2D, right.".
Be careful, pdist2() works different then pdist(), you can safely use
to measure the minimal distance for any dimension. It's basically the same as my code

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