triple "and" condition

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sani 2020년 10월 27일
댓글: Walter Roberson 2020년 10월 27일
I have a script that part of it is checking that the values of the table line are in the region of interest and then save it to other arrays.
When I added a 3rd condition (marked in underline) to the if function, I started to get error messege (not detailing what's wrong).
this is the script:
for i=2:length(Ge_find)
if ( (coince_table.time_stamp(Ge_find(i)) - coince_table.time_stamp(Ge_find(i)-1)) >= coince_win_LL ...
&& (coince_table.time_stamp(Ge_find(i)) - coince_table.time_stamp(Ge_find(i)-1)) <=coincesh_win_UL)...
&& (coince_table.detector((Ge_find(i)-1)) == 0)
Delta(r) = (coince_table.time_stamp(Ge_find(i)) - coince_table.time_stamp(Ge_find(i)-1));
scint_energy(r) =;
Ge_timestamp (r) = coince_table.time_stamp(i);
scint_timestamp (r) = coince_table.time_stamp(Ge_find(i)-1);
row = Ge_find(i);
r = r+1;
How can I add this condition?
P.s I also tryed this:
if and( (coince_table.time_stamp(Ge_find(i)) - coince_table.time_stamp(Ge_find(i)-1)) >= coince_win_LL ...
&& coince_table.time_stamp(Ge_find(i)) - coince_table.time_stamp(Ge_find(i)-1)) <=coincesh_win_UL, (coince_table.detector((Ge_find(i)-1)) == 0)
But it didn't work.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020년 10월 27일
We do not know the size of the variables, so it is difficult to say.
By the way, I suggest
for i=2:length(Ge_find)
tsdiff = coince_table.time_stamp(Ge_find(i)) - coince_table.time_stamp(Ge_find(i)-1);
if tsdiff >= coince_win_LL && ...
tsdiff <= coincesh_win_UL && ...
coince_table.detector((Ge_find(i)-1)) == 0

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