Matlab function takes 1 argument, Java caller provides 2

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FM 2020년 10월 23일
편집: FM 2020년 10월 23일
The Mathworks page for an example makesqr.m shows a 1-argument function
% makesqr.m
function y = makesqr(x)
y = magic(x);
This gets generated into a Java package. However, the `step 16` of the Java invoker shows `makesqr` with *two* arguments.
result = theMagic.makesqr(1, n);
Can anyone please explain this difference in the number of arguments?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020년 10월 23일
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FM 2020년 10월 23일
편집: FM 2020년 10월 23일
Hi, Walter,
Thanks for that. The extra leading argument is also described at "Pass Arguments To and From Java". That page also describes how to accomplish multiple inputs/outputs.

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