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assign categorical value for weekday variables

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Dear advisors,
how may i assign categorical value for weekday variables?
I have made a variable 'weekday' from the datetime record from a timetable, which gave me
1..sunday 2..monday 3.. tueday ........ 6..friday 7..saturday
weekday = weekday(timetable.Properties.RowTimes)
I wish to create 'workingday' using 'weekday'.
Within the variable 'workingday', the numbers 2,3,4,5,6 of 'weekday' shall be assigned the categorical value 1 (workingday). 1 and 7 shall be assigned the categorial value of 0 (non-working day).
thank you.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 25 Sep 2020
Since you have a timetable you can use the isweekend function to get true and false values (which you could convert to categorical or leave as logical) from the RowTimes property.
% Make some sample data
T = datetime('today');
thisWeek = T + days(0:6);
% Process each day
for whichDay = 1:numel(thisWeek)
D = thisWeek(whichDay);
if isweekend(D)
fprintf("%s is not a weekday.\n", D)
fprintf("%s is a weekday.\n", D);
If you wanted to get a categorical array, consider calling categorical on the output of day with the 'dayofweek' input.
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Sehoon Chang
Sehoon Chang 25 Sep 2020
ah.... solved thank you.

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