Is there a mistake on The Help document?

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Chengbin Wang
Chengbin Wang 2020년 9월 6일
편집: Brian Fanous 2021년 3월 31일
On the "Algorithms", there is "
Is that wrong?
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2020년 9월 7일
편집: Adam Danz 2020년 9월 7일
The link in your question does not work.
If you think you found an error, contact tech support to describe the problem.
If you have a question or if you think you made a mistake, provide much more detail to increase the chances of getting some help.
For reference, here are questions from same OP on this topic in the last day or so.

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Brian Fanous
Brian Fanous 2021년 3월 31일
편집: Brian Fanous 2021년 3월 31일
See the diagram above the equations you’ve cited.
The linear acceleration is decayed from one iteration to the next by the decay factor v, and then the estimated error in the linear acceleration b+ is subtracted.
Similarly the gyroscope bias error estimate a+ is subtracted from the gyroscope bias estimate from the previous iteration to obtain a new gyroscope bias estimate.
To echo what Adam has said, if you feel you've found an error please reach out to tech support.




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