Line chart in matlab reading data points from file.csv

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chandra Naik
chandra Naik 2020년 9월 4일
댓글: chandra Naik 2020년 9월 6일
Suppose data stored in .csv file .
Time D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 are in 6 column of csv file. Draw a line chart Time Vs data points (Time in x axis and Data point on y axis )


Asad (Mehrzad) Khoddam
Asad (Mehrzad) Khoddam 2020년 9월 4일
% change data.csv to your data file. should be in path
data = csvread('data.csv',1,0) % the first row hold the header
t = data(:,1);
D1 = data(:,2);
D2 = data(:,3);
D3 = data(:,4);
D4 = data(:,5);
D5 = data(:,6);
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chandra Naik
chandra Naik 2020년 9월 6일
Index in position 2 exceeds array bounds (must not exceed 1).
Error in test (line 3)
D1 = data(:,2);
aternatively, I used readmatrix and it is working

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