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Convolutional Decoding Using Matlab Functions - using viterbi decoder.

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Jimmy cho
Jimmy cho 2 Sep 2020
댓글: Jimmy cho 5 Sep 2020
I'm trying to perform convolutional decoding using built in Matlab functions. I'm trying to implement (2,1,7) :
Im trying to implement a viterbi decoder of a given message which the viterbi decoder has those parameters K=7 , rate = 1/2 , its output are two bits. the decision of the decoder of the message by minmum hamming distance method (to maximize the likelihood method)
how can I implement that in matlab?
I've seen this function already matlab provide it as already built function:
but I didn't understand if that function is using using the min hamming distance to maximize the likelihood for viterbi decoder decision or what? and in my case for my viterbi decoder K=7 and its output is two bits ..what should the inputs to vitdec function be? thanks alot for any clarifications.


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