Convert datetime into seperate columns

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Yoni Verhaegen -WE-1718-
Yoni Verhaegen -WE-1718- 2020년 7월 25일
편집: Brittany Scheid 2020년 7월 25일
I have a CSV table that I load in Matlab and looks as follows (see below). I would like to separate the datetime column into separate values in the form of a double array, with 1 column for 'year', 1 column for 'month', and 1 column for 'day', something like:
2020 | 07 | 20
2020 | 07 | 20
The hour is not important. How can I do this? I attach the CSV file which can be loaded as:
seawatertemp_westhinder = readtable('seawatertemp_westhinder.csv');

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Brittany Scheid
Brittany Scheid 2020년 7월 25일
편집: Brittany Scheid 2020년 7월 25일
In one line to get a double array:
[y,m,d] = ymd(seawatertemp_westhinder.times);
% Add to table
seawatertemp_westhinder.year= y
seawatertemp_westhinder.month = m d

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