Eliminating undesired elements from text file

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Jose Aroca
Jose Aroca 2020년 7월 17일
댓글: Jose Aroca 2020년 7월 18일
I am currently analysing some localisation images produced in ImageJ in Matlab. These images consist of duplicated spots, with different intensities. Although ImageJ does an overall ok job at localising spots, sometimes some "fake spots" are detected, as can be seen in the attatched image. I want to be able to delete these "fake spots" from the output text file (also attatched as csv), so that only the pairs of fluorophores remain. The output text file contains the x and y psoitions of fluorophores, their intensity and so on.
Pairs of fluorophores should be separated by a distance of about 12800nm (although this can vary slightly), so I was thinking of using this separation to exclude fake spots (as they don't have a partner at that distance).
Thank you very much in advance and feel free to ask me for any additional info.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020년 7월 18일
rangesearch() passing in the x and y coordinates, and the maximum permitted range, and taking the second output, D.
no_pair = cellfun(@(dists) all(dists < MinimumRange), D);
and delete the rows for which no_pair is true.
Jose Aroca
Jose Aroca 2020년 7월 18일
Thank you for your answer. How can I make sure that the rangesearch function runs once for every frame. Ie., in the attatched image, I would like the rangesearch funtion to work between rows 1-10, between rows 11-20, rows 21-30, etc. Also, frames need not to be 10 rows long, but by chance the first 3 are.

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