Get data from an URL in Simulink for a Raspberry Pi

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Vinicio Moya
Vinicio Moya 2020년 6월 18일
댓글: Vinicio Moya 2020년 6월 20일
Hello everybody!
I want to use a Raspberry Pi 3B+ to control a biorreactor. I have some sensors, and they give me data in an URL (
How can I make a call to thar URL in Simulink? I don´t want to use ThingSpeak, and I´m sure that Simulink could do this in a simple way. Could yo help me?

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Kshitij Chhabra
Kshitij Chhabra 2020년 6월 19일
Hi Vinico,
From my understanding you want to read data from a URL in Simulink. For this purpose you can create a user defined function block for the same. Once having created that you can use the ‘webread’ function to use the API’s provided by the website.
For examples on how to use webread, refer to the MATLAB Documentation here.
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Vinicio Moya
Vinicio Moya 2020년 6월 20일
Hi Kshitij... I will try it!
I will say you what happened in a few days.

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