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How to change boxplot filling with newer Matlab versions?

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Max Behr
Max Behr 18 Jun 2020
댓글: dpb 18 Jun 2020
I would like to change the filling of the boxplots
Now I would like to fill each boxplot with a color like black, gray and dark grey.
First Boxplot => black
Second BP=> gray
Third BP=> dark gray
Unfortunately the 'children' code won't work anymore.
Can you help me?

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dpb 18 Jun 2020
Just use the 'Colors' named option with an rgb array...
Max Behr
Max Behr 18 Jun 2020
I did it like this:
h = findobj(gca,'tag','Box');
This selects only the box color :)
dpb 18 Jun 2020
The implementation leaves much to be desired...I had presumed the colors with the 'filled' option would work as one would expect -- who woulda' thunk they'd have broken it such that if use that, then can only get the narrow little boxes; the 'traditional' style and 'width' parameters are ignored.
Worth a bug/quality of implementation report.
Why it doesn't return a handle to the object also breaks any symmetry with other plotting routines -- TMW continues with the trend to less and less coherence in user interface design and implementation...making things act so differently from one to another so lessons learned aren't... :(

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Mara 18 Jun 2020
You can specify an array for the color, it should have the same size as the columns in y.
boxplot (y, 'Colors', ['k' 'r' 'b'], 'BoxStyle', 'filled');
or for your colors in rgb triplets:
boxplot (y, 'Colors', [0,0,0; 0.5 0.5 0.5; 0.3 0.3 0.3], 'BoxStyle', 'filled');

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