HDFread and hdfinfo on modis data

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Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng 2020년 6월 5일
답변: Joseph Cheng 2020년 6월 5일
I appear to be missing some fundamental understanding of hdfread and hdfinfo for MODIS hdf data files (note not hdf5 files).
Installing the HDFviewer to see the data structure nesting and attributes, i see a disconnect of the struct that is returned for the same file.
In viewing a HDF file with the HDFView 3.1.1
where radiance_offsets are no where visible anywhere in the matlab brought in info to understand what field/index/etc to try to use hdfread with.

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Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng 2020년 6월 5일
Answer to this after brute forcing looking at all named values. attributes that should have been pulled from just reading in similarly to:
frame = hdfread(file_name, ...
'MODIS_SWATH_Type_L1B', 'Fields', 'EV_1KM_Emissive',...
'Index',{[1 1 1],[1 1 1],[16 2030 1354]});
can be found further in the main structure info.Vgroup.Vgroup(2).SDS(3).Attributes.
Not clear how i would have found that as both Matlab's HDF import tool or the HDF viewer from hdfgroup explain where these added attributes are. Though HDFimport tool can export the metadata... the code to do so is not included in the dataset impor tcommand though they are displayd in the preview section..... aggrivating but leaving this up so others who are looking to get additional attributes know how deep into the hdfinfo structure they mayhave to go.

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