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How can I improve Simscape flexible beam results like FEM results

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Alberto Mora
Alberto Mora 3 Jun 2020
답변: Alberto Mora 12 Feb 2021 14:20
I want to improve the results of "Simscape Mechanics Explorer". In particular:
  1. I want to magnify small displacements of beams (like x1000 for example) just for better comprehension of the beam deflection (otherwise displacements are too small).NB: I cant increase loads by x1000. I just want to magnify displacement in the post processing for see better the beam displacements. I want to obtain the same behaviour of the option 'DeformationScaleFactor' of the MATLAB command 'pdeplot3D'.
  2. I want to color the "Flexible Beam" of simscape in the "Mechanics Explorer" with a colormap according to the displacement of the beam, like FEM does.
Fig 1: What I actually obtain using Simscape: no color, displacement with scale x1 (basically invisible)
Fig 2: What I want to obtain (just an exaple): with color, displacement magnifyed by scale x1000 (easily understood the results)
How can I obtain that?
NB: I don't want to use PDE toolbox for mesh the beam, even if this solution give me the results that I am looking for: I want to get this behaviour in Simscape.
Thanks and best regards.

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Alberto Mora
Alberto Mora 12 Feb 2021 14:20
I developed a Simscape library for estimate Von-Mises stress of beams.
Have fun!

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