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Hey Guys,
i have a question ,Hope someone can answer it.
when the block is not executed in simulink(due to short circuit),the blocks recieves zero execution percentage.Does Simulink takes the number of the decision associated with the block which is not executed ,to calculate the overall decision percentage of the model?

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Pat Canny
Pat Canny 2020년 6월 4일
편집: Pat Canny 2020년 6월 4일
Hi Ajay,
The coverage report should show the decision coverage achieved for that block. I assume the block you are referring to, if it is able to receive Decision coverage, should also appear to not achieve any Decision coverage. Are you seeing that in the report?
The coverage report should also show the coverage achieved at the model level. If the block can receive Decision coverage, any missing Decision coverage from that block would reduce the overall model's Decision coverage.
  • Pat
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Ajay krishna Vasanthakumar
Ajay krishna Vasanthakumar 2020년 6월 5일
Thanks Pat.
i dont have simulink coverage tool box,just i want to know how the tool box works in the senario mentioned above.
Thanks alot Pat!

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