To configure DSP Board with Matlab

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Hassan Abouobaida
Hassan Abouobaida 2020년 5월 27일
I'm installing DSP Board based F28335 with Matlab 2014 32 bits, but when I typed the command "Checkenvsetup", gives me:
CCS (Code Composer Studio)
Your version :
Required version:
Required for : Automation and Code Generation
2. CGT (Texas Instruments C2000 Code Generation Tools)
Your version :
Required version: 5.2.1
Required for : Code generation
3. DSP/BIOS (Real Time Operating System)
Your version :
Required version: 5.33.05
Required for : Real-Time Data Exchange (RTDX)
4. Flash Tools (TMS320C28335 Flash APIs)
Your version :
Required version: 2.10
Required for : Flash Programming
as you can see, Matlab does not recognize the tools necessary for the use of the DSP Card, knowing that CCS3.3 is installed, constrolsuite also installed. Thank you for your help



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