Configure F28335 Board Card with Matlab 2014 (32 bits)

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I installed CCS 3.3 (download from Ti web site), when a want to configure CCS 3.3 with Matlab 2014, i receive the message :
>> ticcs
Error using Link.ccssetup/GetAllProcTypes
Error getting all processor types on the given board.
Error in ticcs>GetProcTypes (line 220)
proctypes = hccs.GetAllProcTypes(boardnum);
Error in ticcs (line 164)
procTypes = GetProcTypes(hccs,boardnum);
in the second test, matlab gives me:
>> ticcs
Error using Link.ccssetup/Connect
Cannot start CCS application (COM error ID: 0x80080005). Verify that your CCS software is installed and configured
Error in ticcs>Connect2App_CheckIdeVersion (line 244)
Error in ticcs (line 132)
hccs = Connect2App_CheckIdeVersion;
The CCS 3.3 is intalled correctly and the DSP Board is connected to the CCS 3.3, the emulator operate correctly.
Please help me to configure my DSP card correctly;
Thank you for your help.



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