Extracting information from images of different size

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Paolo Piazza
Paolo Piazza 2020년 5월 19일
댓글: Paolo Piazza 2020년 5월 19일
Hi everyone, I wanted to conduct an analysis of images (i.e. print ads) that have different size (i.e. in some pictures I need to analyze a certain print ad and not the rest. The goal is to compare the jpeg size of the images or use some visual analysis function (for instance, Canny edge detector, or Feature Congestion). Is it possible to do it?
Thanks in advance
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Paolo Piazza
Paolo Piazza 2020년 5월 19일
I opened the links and they show the ads normally. For instance, I want to analzye only one small ad (e.g. bottom-right)

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KSSV 2020년 5월 19일

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