Matlab: change position of ylabel

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Yoni Verhaegen -WE-1718-
Yoni Verhaegen -WE-1718- 2020년 5월 15일
댓글: Walter Roberson 2022년 10월 8일
I was wondering if it is possible to change the position of the ylabel. I would like to move it down (as suggested on the attached figure) to match it better with the yticks.

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza 2020년 5월 15일
편집: Ameer Hamza 2020년 5월 15일
If you have the handle of ylabel, then you can modify its position using the 'position' property. For example
label_h = ylabel('myLabel');
label_h.Position(1) = 2040; % change horizontal position of ylabel
label_h.Position(2) = 0; % change vertical position of ylabel
Experiment with these values until you get the required location.
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Utkarsh 2022년 10월 8일
what about roation of ylabel?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2022년 10월 8일
You can use ytickangle
Recent versions of MATLAB automatically rotate the angle for clarity.

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