getpowerlosses - variable during simulation

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Christian Kiepfer
Christian Kiepfer 2020년 5월 3일
답변: Sabin 2023년 3월 18일
I am working on an electrical circuit with a few semiconductor components and I want to get the power losses of them. Generally the function:
ee_getPowerLossTimeSeries(node) works pretty good. It takes an internal variable called power_dissipated from each simulink block.
But I am getting the power losses of this function first, when the simulation is done.
I need the power losses during the simulation. Has anybody an idea, how I can get the power loss data during the simulation?
Thank you so much!
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Paresh yeole
Paresh yeole 2020년 5월 3일
as the ee_getPowerLossTimeSeries(node) function gives the logged values from the simulink,
did you try to look into data inspector in simulink?
That's where the all the logged signals should be visible even during the simulation.
Christian Kiepfer
Christian Kiepfer 2020년 5월 3일
Hey Paresh yeole,
thank you so much for your answer!
I tried it on a MOSFET, but I can only visualize "outer" Signals not internal with the data inspector. Can I select somewhere the kind of variables, which I want to visualize with the data inspector?

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Sabin 2023년 3월 18일
From R2023a it is possible to use the Probe block to access the same variables that you can see in the simulation data log. This should enable access to the power_dissipated variable.

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