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save image without the white border

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Xin 8 Apr 2020
답변: Image Analyst 8 Apr 2020
Hello. I would like to save a phot, or any imagesc, pcolor or whatever 2D image. But the problem is that matlab alway automatically leaves a white border somehow. I would like to remove it because I have thousands of photos to process and I cannot crop them manually. I don't quite understand why this is automatically left and there is simply no option in print or saveas to remove the white border.
For example, to generate a random 2D matrix
h = figure(1)
x = rand(50,50);
I always get a white border in the end. Could someone give a suggestion on how to remove it. Please, if you want to recommend export_fig, please give an example. This package seems to have no examples in the help. Thanks!

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