regionprops( aImage, 'Centroid', 'Image' ) vs regionprops( aImage, 'Centroid' );

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Richard Hall
Richard Hall 2020년 3월 27일
댓글: Richard Hall 2020년 3월 27일
I am new to MatLab.
I am working with code harvested from the internet that lacks comments.
In one place there is a call:
x = regionprops( aImage, 'Centroid', 'Image' );
and in another place is a call
x = regionprops( aImage, 'Centroid' );
using the same image.
The Help for regionprops is extensive, but I cannot figure outwhat the difference would be between those two calls.
Can somebody fill me in? Is this something that needs to be documented?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020년 3월 27일
Each option to regionprops() tells it another property to measure and return
  • Centroid: Center of mass of the region, returned as a 1-by-Q vector. The first element of Centroid is the horizontal coordinate (or x-coordinate) of the center of mass. The second element is the vertical coordinate (or y-coordinate). All other elements of Centroid are in order of dimension.
  • Image: Image the same size as the bounding box of the region, returned as a binary (logical) array. The on pixels correspond to the region, and all other pixels are off.
Thus the first of the calls returns a struct into x that has fields Centroid and Image with values as described above, and the second of the calls returns a struct into x that has only field Centroid with value as described above.
The 'Image' option does not change the way that the centroid is computed: it says to also compute something more and return it.
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Richard Hall
Richard Hall 2020년 3월 27일
Wonderful answer.
If only "help regionprops" was as informative in such a clear manner.
Thank you.

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