Processing of NaN or Inf function evaluations by fminbnd

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Mark Stone
Mark Stone 2020년 2월 27일
댓글: Mark Stone 2020년 2월 28일
How are NaN or Inf function evaluations handled by fminbnd?
Per , the default 'off' for FunValCheck allows fminbnd to proceed when the objective function returns a value that is complex or NaN. Under this default setting, how exaclty does it proceed when NaN is retunred? If Inf is returned by the function evaluation, does the algorithm proceed the same way as if NaN is retunred by the function evaluation?
I am interested in definitive answers, even if only partial, not speculation. Thanks.
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Mark Stone
Mark Stone 2020년 2월 28일
Thanks. How stupid of me not to check for "existence" of source code. I was assuming the source code was not available to users. I will study the source code, which sure enough is in my MATLAB installation.

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