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Indexing dates yearly and quarterly.

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Doheon Lee
Doheon Lee 2020년 1월 31일
답변: dpb 2020년 1월 31일
I have many tables, in which the first column is date and the second column in data.
And I want to separte these data yearly and montly.
For examply, from 2017-Jan-01 to 2017-Dec-31, and 2018-Jan-01 to 2018-Dec-31 and so on for yearly categrization. For quarterly categorization, from 2017-Jan-01 to 2017-Mar-31, from 2017-April-01 to 2017-Jun-31, etc.
As start dates and endd ates are any dates in a year, they may need to be detected first.
Please note that each yearly and quartely seprated data will be used in a loop temporaraly and deleted, so I do not need a table of yearly (or quartely) separated data.
Thank you in advance.


dpb 2020년 1월 31일
Use a timetable and retime with a custom method function.

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