App Designer: Create drop down list from unique table values

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mackhina 2020년 1월 19일
답변: mackhina 2020년 1월 19일
Hi everyone,
Is there a work around in App Designer to set the drop down list as unique numbers from a table?
t = readtable('example.xlsx', 'Sheet', 1);
unique_values = table2array(unique((t(:,1))))
app.DropDown.Items = unique_values;
I want to be able to select a unique numerical value from a drop down, then use that numerical value to do a calculation?
Thanks in advance for any help!

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mackhina 2020년 1월 19일
This works (although it hurts to look at)...
unique_values = cellstr(num2str(table2array(unique(t(:,1)))));
app.DropDown.Items = unique_values;

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