How to calculate the slope from geopraphical coordinates?

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Hi all,
I have installed a GPS logger on a vehicle, so I have extracted the geographcal coordinates in degree (longitude, latitude and elevation). I need to calculate the slope encountered by the vehicle. I came up with the following code, that is far from being good as you can see in the attached plot. How may I improve the results?
wgs84 = wgs84Ellipsoid('meters');
[gpsx,gpsy,gpsz] = geodetic2ecef(wgs84,Latitude,Longitude,Altitude);
Thank you.
Best regards.

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Jim Riggs
Jim Riggs 2020년 1월 19일
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First of all, you should consider the relationship between the WGS84 lat/lon/alt and the ECEF frame. Altitude is perpendicular to the reference ellipsoid, so it is effectively parallel to "down". I would assume that if you want to know the slope encounrered by a vehicle, that implies the rate of change of "down" over the horizontal displacement. So when you tranform your data to ECEF, you lose the "down" reference.
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Rather, you should be working in a local level frame, such as North/East/Down (NED).
You can transform ECEF to NED using;
In this (NED) frame, X points to the north, Y points east, and Z points down (i.e positive z is down) . Now if you calculate delta Z over the X-Y distance (in the NED frame), it should come out as the parameter you are seeking; the change in height over the change in horizontal distance. This would be the tangent of the local slope angle.
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Jeremy Salerno
Jeremy Salerno 2022년 6월 21일
If you have lat/lon in degrees with height in meters, are you still able to use the geodetic2ned or geodetic2enu the same way? Can my input be in lat, lon for x, y and meters for z, or do conversions need to be made beforehand?

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