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convert string to cell

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hello everyone,
I have been genrating an equation using some parameters and I have been writing it as below:
equation{a}=[Parameters(a) "=" a0 "+" a1 "+" a2];
now, this is giving me 1x1 cell in which I get 1x7 string. Now what is really want is that is it possible to convert this in a way that when I write the equation in excel it can be written in one cell only as a whole equation. Because as I am running it with loop so I have to make correction in excel which take a lot of time.
Thanks in advance

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Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick 29 Dec 2019
If the inputs are scalar strings use + to append them together:
equation{a} = Parameters(a) + "=" + a0 + "+" + a1 + "+" + a2;
If the inputs are character vectors you can concatenate them using []:
equation{a} = [Parameters(a),'=',a0,'+',a1,'+',a2];
But I would recommend using sprintf, which works with both:
equation{a} = sprintf('%s=%s+%s+s%',Parameters(a),a0,a1,a2);

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Prakhar Modi
Prakhar Modi 29 Dec 2019
thanks man it worked

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